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What some of the leaders in our field have said about the Journal over the last eleven years

‘Having worked in the field of cross-cultural management for over 30 years, there is no question that articles published in IJCCM are of the highest quality and, equally, if not more important, are addresses issues that matter. … IJCCM is a source of important scholarly discussion that is attracting deserved attention worldwide.’
Nancy J. Adler, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

‘An important function of this journal is to help authors improve their papers. Each paper is reviewed by two or three peers, who provide extensive feedback This is especially important for authors from countries where English is not the main language. The journal also does a superb job in exploring new methodologies and in providing critical perspectives on current theories.’
Harry C. Triandis, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA

‘The selection of articles in this and other issues of IJCCM attests to the commitment of the Journal to publishing varied types of articles—theoretical, applied, methodological, qualitative, quantitative, reflective. It maintains high standards while encouraging articles that break with conventional ideas and take risks. Its ability to maintain high standards is enhanced by being able to draw upon an international editorial board that includes most of the important figures in the relevant fields as well as by the active work of the editors to help authors improve their submissions.
     A last point worth mentioning is the publication of abstracts in both French and Chinese. This unusual step has brought the Journal to the attention of an audience beyond the boundaries of English readers. The Journal has carved out its own firm niche in the scientific world and serves as a catalyst in the growth of the field of cross-cultural management studies.’
 Shalom H. Schwartz, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

‘IJCCM started off with quite an ambitious mandate to fill a much needed niche in management research. IJCCM sought to encourage multiplicity in methodologies and perspectives, indigenous research, a wider geographic spread of contributors and issues all the while maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence. In the eight short years since its founding it has clearly met this mandate.  In looking at the most recent issue I found articles by many of the leaders of the field from diverse backgrounds and names that are new to me, all writing on topics that are of great importance to cross cultural management.  How often is it that you wish you had the time to read virtually every article in an issue?
    That is what I felt when I received this last issue. I applaud Jackson and Aycan for their thoughtful leadership that has put IJCCM at the forefront for those interested in research on cross cultural management. It has become a  "must read" journal for thus of us in the field.’
 Nakiye Boyacıgiller, Sabancı University, Turkey

‘The International Journal of Cross Cultural Management stands out as the leading journal for disseminating cross-cultural management knowledge, techniques, trends, and issues. The journal has served as an important forum for scientific research and innovations in this area. The journal continues to benefit management scholars and practitioners in the international arena like no other journal.’
Rabindra N. Kanungo, McGill University, Canada

‘There is a growing need of both researchers and practitioners for understanding the cross-cultural management context and how to successfully manage and operate in it. There are relatively few journals that focus on cross-cultural issues. The Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology is one of the first journals to focus on these issues. Yet, not all cross-cultural management should be approached from a psychological perspective. Thus, IJCCM opens up the doors for readers and authors who approach the issue of cross-cultural management from multiple perspectives.’
 Miriam Erez, Technion -Israel Institute of Technology, Israel

‘The Journal has created a key role in the field of its focus and I have no doubt that its impact will continue to grow.’
Peter B. Smith, University of Sussex, UK

‘I had the opportunity to follow carefully the development of IJCCM and was impressed by the high quality of the articles, and the wide range of issues covered.  In the relatively short period of its existence it had developed into being a major source of information concerning high quality research of cross cultural management issues.’
Dov Elizur, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

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